About us

We’re a husband and wife team with a huge amount of experience, not just in design, advertising, marketing and web development, but also the education, charity and care sectors both here in the UK and abroad.

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk we’re offering new businesses, charities both old and new and other ventures such as clubs, social groups and collectives across the region with professional marketing collateral at a budget geared towards them.

Having come to the decision to try out on our own and realising how hard it would be for a new business to not just function as an enterprise, but also to manage the demands of promotion and marketing to achieve ongoing success, we felt we had something to offer as a small, streamlined outfit but with all the skills and experience to offer a full service without the overheads of a traditional agency. Working from our home without the burden of the associated costs of running a separate studio with multiple employees with different skill sets, we feel we can offer the full service at a price point more suited to that of a fledgling business, not-for-profit organisation or social group due to the broad nature of the skills and experience we’ve garnered over the years.

So who are we?


Ian Durrant

Web Development / Graphic Design / Copywriting / The Boss

Having enjoyed fulfilling various roles in the employ of several full-service agencies in and around the south and east of England for the last twenty years and more, Ian has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience of design, marketing and digital technologies. Having been an Artworker, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Video & Interactive Media Designer, Web Designer & Developer and most recently a freelance developer and consultant, he has amassed an enviable range of expertise, technical know-how and insight to provide you with the right marketing materials and tools to get your enterprise in the spotlight.

An avid armchair sportsman, Ian also loves his garden, his cooking and when time allows a spot of gaming and fishing.


Judy Oliveros-Durrant

Marketing / Social Media / Admin & Accounts / The REAL Boss

Having graduated with honours with a Bachelors degree in English Language & Literature and a Masters degree in Linguistics, Judy subsequently forged a successful career as a university lecturer to future English language professors and medical students as well as creating and marketing new educational institutions and charities across the Phillipines. Since her marriage and moving to the UK, Judy has continued her career in education as well as qualifying as a dementia care provider, all while keeping in touch with her friends, family, alumni and colleagues through various social media apps building a reputation as an FB guru.

Judy is a keen baker, a candle maker, has a love of the outdoors and is an all-round entrepreneurial spirit.

Why ‘lumika’?

Well, in Filipino ‘lumika’ means to enlighten or illuminate, and the similarly sounding ‘lumikha’ means to create or design. We hope to illuminate both you and your audience with our creative thinking and produce compelling, professional, yet cost-effective marketing materials through inventive yet considered concepts, designs and builds.